A predominately plant-based diet is not a trend, it’s an awakening. What we eat everyday is literally the building blocks for how we feel and how well we will be! Well planned vegan diets have been proven and reassured to not only supply us with all the nutrients our bodies need, but are also our number one natural protection to decreasing the risk of chronic diseases. Celebrity trainer Kamila McDonald shares over 100 simple, Jamaican inspired, healthy recipes for permanent weight loss, increasing gut health, rebooting metabolism and reclaiming your best health.


This predominantly plant-based Caribbean recipe book will challenge you to step up to the greatness inside of you, mastering meals that will allow you to come alive, thrive and become exactly who we were destined to be. Try them, practice them and conquer them. You will soon see how easy, how affordable, and how yummy eating predominantly plant-based can actually be!

Kamila's Kitchen

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