The Rebirth Detox is a comprehensive detox and retreat program created by Kamila McDonald and Dr. Kimani Borland, who have both studied and worked in the Health and Wellness Industry for a combined 20 years. This program represents their combined knowledge and expertise in clinical cleansing programs, yoga, meditation, nutrition and exercise science, to create a complete, integrated program for optimal detoxification and cell regeneration to facilitate healing of the mind, body and spirit. 


Your Rebirth Detox and Retreat is a 30 day experience that includes live workshops and lectures, journaling, vision boarding, meditation, Yoga, HIIT, functional training, meal prepping and community— A true mind, body, spirit experience. 


Here are the deets:


  • A phased, 10 day gradual step up then step down complete detox diet plan including a shopping list and recipes for juices, smoothies, meals and snacks for 10 days

  • Daily LIVE morning detox-specific workouts, yoga classes, meditations and journal prompts to complement each unique day of the active detox (including a special Ancient Egyptian Yoga Flow). Live workouts will happen on Zoom at 6:30 a.m. EST and will be recorded, uploaded and emailed as a private vimeo link directly after the live session so that the classes can be taken at any other convenient time during the day. 

  • A detailed Rebirth Detox Manual that contains extensive information about toxin exposures, the detoxification processes in the body, practical tips to avoid toxins in our food and environment, and a full explanation of our recommendations why our program is designed the way it is.

  • Access to a private whatsapp group led by Kamila and Kimani for ongoing support during Prep week, during the 10 day detox and 3 transition days afterwards. All questions and concerns will be addressed directly in the whatsapp group along with the support of others moving through the same journey as you.

  • High quality supplement recommendations to ensure we are providing the organs of detox and elimination exactly what they need to successfully carry out their functions, and to ensure that all the cells of the body are receiving nourishment even in the case of caloric deprivation. This includes a link to a doctor’s portal to order your physician-grade DISCOUNTED supplements, which are optional but highly recommended.

  • Step-by-step email guidance in preparation for and during the active 10 day detox period to maximize the mind-body-spirit transformation that will occur. Emails will contain reminders, inspiration, links to recordings and additional resources during the active 10 day detox.

  • An intimate opening circle and blessing, mid-detox check in and closing circle and sharing ~The small group is the unit of transformation. 

  • One morning email and one evening email 3 day Post Detox experience with bonus recipes for eating healthy after detox from Kamila McDonald. 



The Rebirth Detox and retreat program is a 30 day experience,

with a 10 day active detox period: 

Jan 3th-Jan 26th: preparation, guidance, intention setting and workshops. 

Jan 27th -Feb 5th: active detox period

Jan 17th - Feb 8th: Private What's App Group 



  • Workshop #1: Journaling, intention setting and vision boarding for 2021

  • Workshop #2: 1 live 3 hour workshop with Kamila McDonald on Zoom where we will prep all our food in our kitchen TOGETHER!!

  • Workshop #3: 1 live 1 hour webinar by Dr. K on Detoxification and Depuration (Freeing your body of impurities).






  1. A good internet connection

  2. A computer or phone with video camera (video on is optional)

  3. A small area to work out and do yoga

  4. A trip to the grocery store for all ingredients

  5. A blender (a juicer is very helpful but not required)




  1. A journal (a used book or a new journal just for your Rebirth Detox)

  2. A water bottle (stainless steel, copper or glass )

  3. An exercise mat and/or a yoga mat

  4. A sacred space (just a small private, quiet space that is specially yours - this space can include candles, incense, sacred objects and even pictures of loved ones)

  5. Detox Supplements (optional but highly recommended)


Kamila + Kimani

Please do not sign up for this program if you are pregnant. This program is also not recommended if you are actively breastfeeding. Please note that by purchasing this program you represent that you are in stable health. Once registered you will receive a form to be able share any medical conditions and concerns you may have. We encourage you to consult with your own doctor regarding participation, as participation is at your own risk.