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Mon-Thurs at In Motion Gym at Shortwood Teachers College



Weekly KamFit Cycle 

The Weekly KamFit Cycle is a carefully designed week long combination of group fitness classes and quick at home workouts providing WellFit club members with a fast and efficient way to lose stubborn fat, burn calories, boost metabolism, get stronger, toned, fit and maintain the consistent commitment it requires to enjoy the medicinal benefits of regular exercise. When you maneuver through the weekly KamFit Cycle you will drastically improve your mood, strength, flexibility and enjoy a strong foundation for weight loss and weight management 


  • KamFit Yoga HIIT 

  • KamFit Run & Fun (Run & functional training)

  • KamFit Lower Blast 

  • KamFit CRUNCH 

  • KamFit Upper Blast

  • KamFit Rootz Rockcercise  

  • KamFit Hard-CORE

  • KamFit Kardio 


Class Descriptions

KamFit Yoga HIIT 

We kickstart our weekly commitment to fitness on a high note—with KamFit Yoga HIIT—where we set intentions, release inhibitions and bring a tremendous amount of mindfulness to the week ahead. There is no effective KamFit without HIIT and this invigorating and uplifting 45 min explosion of goodness is exactly that! A time efficient combination of quick bursts of Hiit (high-intensity interval training) peppered up with dynamic yoga poses— the best of both worlds, achieving a serious calorie burn while simultaneously lengthening and stretching your muscles. 


This class will build muscular strength and improve cardiovascular fitness through various exercises performed at specific intervals. KamFit Yoga HIIT classes begin are the perfect beginning and end to the KamFit Workout cycle with a focus on weekly intention setting and reflection.

KamFit Fun & Run 

Nothing gets results like training with a purpose and this killa combo of Functional Training and Running Drills is exactly what you need to build strength, balance, coordination, power, range of motion, and mobility. Functional training as the name suggests, focuses on movements that work the muscles we use most for everyday tasks so your body can function at it’s best, for as long as possible!

In true KamFit style, these carefully designed functional training exercises are mixed with intensive endurance, strength and running drills to help improve your form, power, and overall athleticism while simultaneously sculpting and toning. This 30 min session ends with a deep stretch and meditation and is recommended for all fitness levels at least once a week for best results. 

KamFit Lower Blast 

Strength training is foundational to any fitness routine and this 35 min power blast of lower body strength training combined with short bursts of cardio is designed to rev your metabolic rate, build lean muscle mass, burn fat and an insane amount of calories long after the workout is over. This fat-blasting sess is INSANE on it’s own and extra effective immediately after KamFit Fun & Run or KamFit CRUNCH. 

KamFit Crunch

This is circuit-training ON FIRE combining cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance and core training for one amazing fat-burning and muscle-building workout. This total body workout uses a variety of exercises, equipment, stations and obstacle courses for one fierce calorie burning session based on feel good fun. 

KamFit Upper Blast

A 30 min power blast of upper body strength training combined with short bursts of cardio designed to rev your metabolic rate, build lean muscle mass, burn fat and an insane amount of calories long after the workout is over. We alternate upper-body resistance with short busrts of high-intensity cardiovascular moves for an insane fat blasting session! Extra effective immediately after KamFit Fun & Run or KamFit CRUNCH. 

KamFiT Rootz Rockcercise 

Pump up your heart-rate, torch calories and enjoy the best hour of your day for an exciting mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves for one calorie-torching dance fitness party! We blend Afro-beats, Reggae, Dancehall and Soca Fitness—the perfect balance of cardio, toning, core and strength components for a rewarding full-body workout with no dance experience necessary.

KamFit Hard-CORE

An intense interval training class for all fitness levels where you will crush a dynamic circuit of core exercises at an elevated heart rate constantly alternating between kickboxing, plyometrics and free weights with back-to-back highly effective ab exercises. This session ends in a 10 minute deep stretch and meditation. 

KamFit Kardio 

This vigorous, 30-minute workout uses no weights or equipment and is based strictly on bodyweight and cardio. The class incorporates short intervals of various calisthenics for all fitness levels and will push you to your limits—and then some. Designed to progressively improve your overall fitness and endurance as the weeks go by and burn a heightened amount of calories during each session. You will leave KamFit Kardio gasping for breath and basking in endorphins!


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