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Introducing an exclusive limited-time offer! Enjoy a remarkable discount of 50% off your subscription for an entire three-month period. And here's the best part: all it takes is a single one-time payment of just $45! Don't miss out on this incredible deal.

Your Membership includes the following:

  • Daily live and pre-recorded workout sessions - HIIT, Pilates, Strength Training, Yoga, and more

  • An extensive content library focused on the 7 Pillars - Move Well, Feel Well, Rest Well, Sleep Well, Eat Well, Drink Well, Live Well

    • The WellFit Library includes regularly updated content including Master Classes, Cooking Classes, Monthly Plant-Based Recipes, all workout sessions 

  •  Accountability Sessions using the Well Fit Accountability System 

  • Monthly journaling and reflections

  • Live and pre-recorded plant-based cooking sessions

  • A thriving community of like-minded Well Fitters

  • This promo also gives you exclusive access to two Well Fit Challenges
    1. the Sugar Detox challenge and
    2. the MOVE WELL challenge. Which will be led by Kaptain K during the 3 month promo

Meet The WellFit Workout & Cooking Instructors

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