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When are the live sessions, and how long are they?

We have LIVE sessions throughout the week. They are 30 minutes long. On Sundays, we have hourly masterclass sessions with Kamila. Please see our calendar here. The time or date of a session may be adjusted - if any sessions are changing, you will be notified via email.

If I miss the LIVE session, how can I catch up?

We record and upload all live sessions within a day after the session has ended, usually by 10:30 am EDT. You will have continued access while you are an active member so you can always go back and select sessions you’ve enjoyed or perhaps ones you weren’t able to catch live. Our current live schedule can be found on the “Schedule” section of the website.

Do I have to register or sign up for a membership to purchase Kamila’s books?

No, you don't have to create an account or register with us to buy her books. Here is the direct link to our shop where you can choose the books and check out from there :)

I've registered, now what?

We've sent you an email with detailed instructions on your next steps - if you're not seeing it, search through your Junk Mail and remember to add to your contacts!

Will I receive individual coaching from Kamila or other instructors?

The WellFit Club involves group coaching via Live Masterclass sessions and is not a 1-1 coaching program you will not get individual feedback; you will be able to have your questions answered during Masterclass sessions with Kamila. We also recommend sharing any modifications needed with instructors while on the live sessions.

How do I get an Accountability Partner?

We will share a new member form that helps us to get to know you. This will also be your opportunity to share with us your preference on the type of accountability you need and how often you like to check in. Once you complete it, we will pair you with an accountability partner within 3-5 business days. If you do not receive an email from us, please contact us at

What equipment will I need for workout sessions?

For your HIIT sessions, you will need:

  1. 2 pairs of dumbbells, a light pair and a heavy pair.  The range depends of course on your level of strength and fitness.  For the lighter weights anywhere from 3 pounds to 8 pounds and for the heavy pair anywhere from 8 pounds to 20 pounds.  In an ideal world it would be great to have multiple weights, but surely not necessary.  If you have no access to weights, we suggest getting two 1.5 liter bottles of water and two 5 liter bottles. 

  2. A mat

  3. A bottle of water

Will there be a community?

We have a very vibrant WhatsApp community where you'll receive support and accountability and be able to be on the journey with the other members. Once you join, feel free to introduce yourself so we can welcome you!

How do I get started and schedule my workouts?
  1. Visit

  2. Enter into the "Members" page section

  3. Enter your login information and password

  4. Scroll down just a bit and you will see the week's workout schedule and links. 

  5. We also email links weekly for you to add you workouts to your calendar!

Here’s How to Activate Your Membership:
  1. Click here to sign up for an account.

  2. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll grant you access to the members’ area! 

  3. Download Zoom on your desktop or mobile device. This is how you will join us LIVE for our workout classes.  

  4. Plan your classes for the week. Once you sign into the members’ area you’ll see the schedule for the week! "If you fail to plan... you plan to fail."  We encourage you to schedule them into your calendar and set reminders.

  5. Make sure you have a sweat towel, water bottle, light weights, and a yoga mat (if you wish) ready to use for your workouts.  

  6. If you can't join us live... you can access recordings of the sessions through the members area here. The recordings are uploaded within 1 business day! Let us know if you have any questions!

What is included in a WellFit Club Membership?

Once you join, for only $10 monthly you receive instant member benefits including 14 LIVE workouts.

Here's what your membership includes:

  • HIIT Workouts x 4 days a week 30 minutes 

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Zumba 

  • Meditation and Mindfulness sessions x 2 days a week

  • LIVE Nutrition And Meal Prep sessions  

  • Kamila’s Kitchen eBook

  • Wake Up And Live eBook

  • On demand library workouts

How Do I Join the WhatsApp Group?

Click here if you’d like to be added to our private WhatsApp group. We have a very vibrant WhatsApp community where you'll receive support and accountability and be able to be on the journey with the other members. Once you join, feel free to introduce yourself so we can welcome you!

My Plan was Automatically Cancelled or I am unable to access my account.

We've done some research and the system has alerted us that the payment failed, in that case the subscription was cancelled automatically. It's possible that maybe your card information changed/expired. You can resubscribe here.

I Have a Few Questions About the Membership or I Want to Talk to Kamila About a Specific Problem I’m Having.

Please email us at livewell@thewellfitclub to schedule a 15-minute consultation with Kamila!

How long is the Club?

We recommend that you commit to the WellFit Club for a minimum of 3 months but you may cancel your membership at any time*. There is no ending date for the club at this time!

How do I cancel my Membership?

You may cancel your membership in your account settings or contacting us at

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.

How do I change my information or payment method?

Please contact us via email at

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. In cases where Paypal is the only payment method we accept on a case by case basis. Please contact us at

The Wellfit Team


  • 14 live fitness sessions weekly

  • 1 live nutrition Masterclass weekly

  • Access to a catalog of workout videos

  • Over 100 healthy recipes

  • Community & accountability support


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