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WellFit is an online Wellness and Fitness club dedicated to a holistic approach to health. Through our 7 pillars of wellness, we empower our members to create vibrant health through daily live and recorded sessions in our virtual fitness studio and state of the art wellness platform.  



The Move Well pillar of WellFit  provides an efficient and effective way to lose stubborn fat, burn calories, boost metabolism, get stronger, toned and fit. Each WellFit session is designed to improve your mood, energy levels, strength, flexibility and enjoy a strong foundation for weight loss and weight management.

  • 14 LIVE workout sessions per week: HIIT, Strength Training, Strong Nation, Pilates, Yoga, Dance Fitness Fusion & More!

  • Catalog of recorded workouts

  • All workouts are 30-45 mins 

  • Emphasis on burning fat, calories, boosting metabolism, strength, toning and overall fitness


​Our weekly live nutrition, live cooking and master class sessions are specifically designed for the busy go-getter who has always wanted to get into the kitchen to prepare delicious, healthy meals throughout the week, but can never find enough time. All wellfit members get regular guidance on various hot nutrition topics to guide you on your journey to becoming your own nutrition expert ​

  • Access to over 100 Healthy Recipes 

  • The WellFit Way: Nutrition system

  • The WellFit Way: Meal Planning system 

  • The WellFit Way: Meal Prepping system



When it comes to your health and especially your fitness goals, what you drink can be even more important than what you eat! At WellFit we pay as close attention to our drinking habits by creating and maintaining healthy hydration habits and reducing acidic liquid calories holding us back from our goals. We hold each other accountable with regular hydration challenges and check-ins.


In WellFit we place a large emphasis on the various ways we rest, relax and rejuvenate our bodies.  We disconnect to reconnect and plug into the various things our soul needs to find itself over and over again.  This deliberate and intentional focus on rest is a preventative method for burn out, injuries and overwhelm. When we Rest Well, it powers us up to be able to successfully complete and recover from our WellFit Cycle each week.


Start today for as low at $30 per month and get access to daily live classes geared and scuptling the best you.


Maintaining a healthy and consistent sleep schedule is crucial to your wellness! At WellFit we help you to establish healthy sleep consciousness and habits in order to support and power up your life and fitness goals.


The final pillar of WellFit is LIVING Well.

Living WELL in WellFit: 

  • Daily Affirmations

  • Daily Gratitude Journal 

  • Weekly Live Meditations 

  • Monthly mindfulness sessions with Sky Jarrett 

  • Twice a quarter resilience building with Dr. Scott

  • Twice a quarter WellFit Doc sessions with Dr. Kimani


You can't BE WELL unless you FEEL WELL! Our program offers community support and encourages you to create healthy habits to support how you feel.  Our private whatsapp group led by Kamila McDonald provides daily tips and reminders to keep you feeling GOOD and on track while our accountability program pairs you up with a loving member to support you on your journey.



  • 14 live fitness sessions weekly

  • 1 live nutrition Masterclass weekly

  • Access to a catalog of workout videos

  • Over 100 healthy recipes

  • Community & accountability support

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